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Alphapals z is for zebra

Welcome to Alphaland™

A magical world filled with imagination, kindness, and fun. The Alphapals have something new for you!

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Meet the Alphapals™

Each Alphapal has their own personality and adventures. Who will you meet today?

Letter A
A is Adventurous
Letter C
C is Curious
Letter L
L is Lively
Word of the Week — Fall
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Today marks the first day of Autumn and Alphapals always “Falls” in love with this season because they can play in leaves and stay warm by cuddling up in their Alphapals bag.

Word of the Week!

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Fun Fact Alert — Labor Day

Fun Fact Alert

This Labor Day we are celebrating and reflecting on all our hard work this past year and being awarded by Good Housekeeping for their 2021 Parenting Awards.