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Alphapals z is for zebra

Welcome to Alphaland™

A magical world filled with imagination, kindness, and fun. The Alphapals have something new for you!

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Meet the Alphapals™

Each Alphapal has their own personality and adventures. Who will you meet today?

Letter A
A is Adventurous
Letter C
C is Curious
Letter L
L is Lively
Word of the Week — Rainbow
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Rainbows are made up of seven different colors! It inspired us to make our first Alphapals set as the plush letters have a rainbow sequence throughout the alphabet. Alphapals loves all colors of the rainbow!

Word of the Week!

Click the image to see the word of the week and learn a new word!

Fun Fact Alert — Summer

Fun Fact Alert

The month of June is the start of summer. Alphapals love to have fun. How do you have fun in the summer?