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Welcome to Alphaland™

A magical world filled with imagination, kindness, and fun. The Alphapals have something new for you!

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Meet the Alphapals™

Each Alphapal has their own personality and adventures. Who will you meet today?

Letter A
A is Adventurous
Letter C
C is Curious
Letter L
L is Lively
Word of the Week — Rabbit
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Spring is coming! Some people have rabbits as pet, but this time of year you can see a lot of wild rabbits outside. Here Rosie and Panda cuddle with their favorite letter "R." Can you spot anything else in this picture that starts with the letter "R"?

Word of the Week!

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Fun Fact Alert — Read

Fun Fact Alert

Studies show that children who's parents frequently read to them know and understand many more words by age 2 than children who have not been read to regularly. Alphapals are a fun and interactive way to teach letters, words, and reading.