The Perfect Gift for Little Learners: Why Alphapals Plush ABC Letters Are a Must-Have for Every Playroom

Everyday activities for adults, such as visiting the park or reading a book, are fresh and exciting for toddlers. With no preconceived judgments, going to a new restaurant is as exciting as traveling outside the country. Early childhood is your opportunity to make learning fun, thrilling and playful, making your toddler anticipate their first day of school. 

According to The Carol Pufahl Literacy Foundation, 90% of brain development occurs before your child turns five. Teaching your child about language in this short time frame advances their reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking skills, allowing them to succeed in school--and later, in adult life. Children who miss this opportunity often experience delays and have to retake classes. 

Alphapals plush letters promote early literacy by turning letters into friendly, personable characters. Preschoolers start by learning how to pronounce each letter, then advance to creating words with their toys and finally reading books. The plush design turns learning into a game that they look forward to each day. 

What Are Alphapals Plush ABC Letters? 

Alphapals are plush ABC letters made from 100% polyester fabric with an embroidered smile. You can buy a whole set or purchase individual letters to replace worn-out toys. Each toy comes in multiple colors, including Grassy Green, Dove Grey and Tangerine Orange. Order a full set in the same color or mix and match for a rainbow of alphabet learning toys. Each letter has an associated word, such as "Adventurous," and a few personality traits to make them come alive. Students can visit Alphaland online to learn the Word of the Week and watch activity videos. Fun and simple, Alphapals encourage hours of educational play. Our online store includes: 

  • Full-size uppercase letters 

  • Mini uppercase letters 

  • Full-size lower case alphabet letters  

  • Mini lowercase letter sets 

  • Full-size uppercase and lowercase sets 

  • Bags and backpacks 

  • Adult and children's apparel 

If they encounter dirt or spills, these learning toys for preschoolers are machine washable. The colors maintain their vibrance even after months of use. Neat, sturdy embroidery keeps your Alphapals smiling in the playroom. Why Alphapals Are the Perfect Playroom Essentials Who enjoys rote memorization, worksheets and writing tasks? If we struggle with these tasks as adults, imagine how dull they are for preschoolers. Imaginative play engages children so that they look forward to learning, creating a lifelong love for education. They grow at their own pace, invent their own lessons and often learn about multiple subjects at once. Alphabet teaching tools suit every learning style, including the following: 

  • Visual. Children see the letters and their colors and visualize stories about them. 

  • Auditory. Preschoolers read books out loud, tell stories and listen to others create stories with the letters. 

  • Logical. Students learn how to sort the letters in alphabetical order and when to use uppercase and lowercase letters. 

  • Social. Preschoolers play alphabet games with siblings, parents, teachers and classmates. 

  • Solitary. Children play with Alphapals by themselves to focus on their education. 

  • Tactile. Students touch, cuddle and squeeze the soft plush toys like stuffed animals. 

  • Combination. Most people learn through a combination of techniques, such as visual, auditory and social. 

These simple early literacy toys can inspire dozens of games. The easiest game involves asking your student to arrange their letters in alphabetical order. If you order both sets, they can arrange uppercase and lowercase letters together. Timing the game adds an extra challenge. Once they've mastered the alphabet, preschoolers can use Alphapals to spell their favorite words. Challenge them to arrange increasingly difficult words from the dictionary. Similarly, you can invite them to create new words and pronounce them phonetically. More advanced games include letter scavenger hunts, journal writing and using Alphapals to learn about colors. Find alphabet songs online to add a new element to their games. Sometimes, neighborhood kids can join the fun. On an aesthetic level, Alphapals make great classroom or playroom decorations. Brightly colored toys create a fun, playful atmosphere. If you prefer neutral decor, grey- and cream-colored toys blend in with your design. 

The Educational Benefits of Alphabet Learning Toys According to Scholastic, preschoolers should have these language skills: 

  • Writing and memorizing the alphabet 

  • Knowing how to pronounce every letter 

  • Combining sounds to pronounce words 

  • Finding words that sound similar 

  • Speaking basic words, such as "tree" 

  • Understanding pronouns 

Generally, children don't start reading or perfecting their pronunciation until they start school. However, these gifts for young learners provide the foundation for success. Preschoolers can start by learning each letter's shape and pronunciation. Buying letters in different colors helps students differentiate them. Later, they learn about the differences between consonants and vowels. They arrange letters in alphabetical order, often with the help of the famous "ABC" song. 

Later, they start putting words together, using the skills that they learned with their Alphapals. These educational alphabet toys for kids constantly reinforce their knowledge--even when they engage in imaginary play, they're still thinking about letters. 

Alphapals sets make exciting gifts for birthdays, holidays, summer vacations, Valentine's Day and other occasions. If your friend's having a baby shower, bring a set of Alphapals to start off their preschooler toy collection. You can also surprise your child with a new playroom addition any time of the year. 

Why Alphapals Make the Best Gifts for Toddlers 

Toddlers don't need elaborate gifts to be happy. A simple object, such as a book, a flower or a plastic toy, entertains them for hours. Alphapals embrace this simplicity with plush letters that combine education and playtime. Your child can look at each letter and come up with dozens of stories. With your guidance, they'll start reading, writing and spelling ahead of time, giving them an advantage in the formal classroom.