Alphapals Bringing in the New Year with a Giving Heart!


The world of Alphapals is full of imagination and creativity at every turn. Our learning toys are designed to bring joy and help your child experience the fun side of learning. Let your imagination run wild with our variety of abc plush toy sets, and individual ABC letters. Available in different sizes and colors for floor play, table play, and on-the-go learning. Our tangible hands-on approach assists children in learning colors, learning the ABC’s, and word pairing. See all our sets at:

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The possibilities of our educational toys are endless and versatile for both a homeschooling approach or included in school curriculums. Our website includes customized videography and photography showcasing interactive ABC games, alphabet sounds, educational blogs, and resources for the whole family. Education gives you knowledge, and knowledge gives you the strength to overcome any circumstance you may run into. Learn more about our interactive teaching tools at: Alphaland


When life gets hard, patience is key. With a deep breath, we believe that patience allows you and your family to help your child grow on their terms. The founder can relate to this as she went through her own struggles on finding unique and comprehensive ways to teach her son the abc letters, alphabet sounds, learning colors and word pairing. Our sensory toys are designed to meet your child at whatever point they are in their learning journey and grow alongside them as they adapt.: Learn more about us at:



We care about creating a positive impact through kindness, support, and inclusivity. We embrace the diversity of our community and celebrate what makes each of us special. We believe in giving back and trying to make a difference by giving back our time, our products and service as much as possible. We’ve had the opportunity to give back to both our local and national communities through multiple organizations this past year and continue to make that a priority for our mission as a brand going forward. See below some of our favorite highlights working with organizations from the past seasons.

The Golden Tree and New York Junior League

We had the honor of being a vendor for their annual fundraiser events held in NYC over the holiday season. The Golden Tree generates vital dollars for their community work. Retail vendors donate 20% of all sales back to the NYJL. The success of Golden Tree and our other fundraising events, along with generous donations from individuals and businesses, helps them achieve their mission to improve the lives of women, children, and families in New York City. For more information on how to donate or get involved visit:

Malibu Chili Cook Off

This past year we were included as a champion sponsor in the 39th annual Malibu Chili Cook off. We were honored to host families and children from the community to visit our Alphapals tent full of learning activities, products and even a 24ft high rock wall for all to enjoy. All proceeds were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu. In addition Alphapals donated several learning sets to their organization and loved seeing first hand the joy it brought them to learn the alphabet. To learn more and get involved visit:

Malibu Chamber of Commerce

Being a Malibu based company we are especially passionate about our local community and being a part of change. The Malibu Chamber promotes the community by assisting businesses to grow and develop, participating in efforts to improve our quality of life, and advocating our community as a great place for people to live and do business. The Chamber hosts several events which bring the Malibu community closer together and highlight our unique lifestyle. Learn more at:

Elementary schools

In the spirit of giving and kindness, the founder also supports additional elementary schools and educational leaders through contributions and donations to help the critical funding of staffed programs including Marine Science Labs, STEM, visual arts, and social and wellness programs. . We were thrilled to be a part of several in person and online events organized by Malibu and Webster elementary schools including their “Spring Boutique”, “Holiday Boutique” and “ 12 days of Christmas” virtual shopping event. We got to interact with the local community and educate families and children the benefits of our teaching tools.. A portion of our sales and raffles went back to Malibu and elementary schools. We have also contributed to the Wagon Wheel School through product donations allowing an introduction to our preschool toys in their classrooms.