ABC Learning for Kids at Home and School

Welcome to Alphapals!

And welcome to our newly launched blog. As our first blog post, I wanted to explain a little background of what inspired me to design and develop a children's interactive learning toy. Being a mother of one and caring for my wonderful son is not only my number one priority, it's also my biggest and most important responsibility. My prime focus is to make sure I continue to give guidance, resources, stability and a safe environment to instill confidence, knowledge, and passion for him to be successful in whatever path he decides to take. As most parents can sympathize, our hearts break when our children are struggling in any capacity and through those challenges we do everything we can in our power to find a solution. When my son was faced with learning challenges, especially when it came to understanding the alphabet and word pairing, I knew I had to combine all the guidance, education, and resources that I have gained over the years to find a solution. And I knew I had to start him at a very young age both at home and in school to set the foundation for success.

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I successfully combined my backgrounds in production, design and engineering with my experience in various pediatric learning therapies and engaged my son in ways I intuitively knew would work. It gave me the simple but sometimes overlooked insight that words can't begin without an emphasis on letters. Letters make words, words create communication, and communication brings us all closer. Necessity being the mother of creation, Alphapals, Inc. was born.

After spending endless hours hand-crafting a combination of various ABC letters with all different sizes, textures, weights, and colors, I began working with my son after his long school days teaching letters, and playing ABC kids games to encourage word pairing, and learning colors. His response and growth showed to be effective which encouraged and inspired me even more. Knowing I wasn't the only parent that faces learning challenges with their children, I expanded further to create educational toys for toddlers and kids of all ages.

I decided to execute my passions and went on to design and develop 26 plush toy Alphabet letters that consist of 7 bright colors from the rainbow in order for other kids to benefit from this learning toy. Keeping in mind, sequence and repetition is also an important part of adolescent learning development, I strategically repeated the 7 colors throughout the whole sequence of the kids alphabet. Every design and detail element was thought out intentionally to serve the purpose of learning colors, teaching letters, word pairings, sequence, and repetition. Each playful letter was paired with unique personality traits and includes our trademark signature smiley face embroidered on each pal, as a friendly and constant reminder that learning should always be fun for ALL children. Our letter sets come complete with a bean bag inspired chair with a durable yet soft shell to store the pals. An extra-large sturdy zipper and reinforced handle allows the letters to be conveniently packed away after play. Designed in a modern and heathered grey in two different shade options to fit seamlessly in any home decor.

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We launched with our classic rainbow set less than a year and continue to grow the business with additional Alphapals sets ranging in different sizes, color-ways, and convenient storage companions to play on the go, including a mini set and backpack. I was determined to design learning toys that fit into all different lifestyles making it convenient to continue to learn whether you are traveling, working, cleaning the house, or even enjoying a beach day outside.

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Being a young startup we have received an overwhelming response of impactful messages and pictures from parents and their kids playing ABC kids games while learning the abc’s. Our first customer was a speech therapist from the East coast. Dr. Laura Armbrust. This was kismet and resonated with me especially since she uses sensory toys for learning and my son experienced this need as well. As a doctor, she has graciously endorsed our products on the Alphapals website. All of this support fills my heart to continue this process in designing educational toys that support an interactive fun and learning experience for all kids.

Remember to: Always Play. Always Learn.